Just don’t publish it, shoot it.
Well a lot is being talked about how to make people get on your website and get them hooked. However many fall prey of typicality surrounding it and end writing or publish stuff that is not that lucrative. Definitely pictures help here but they have lesser tendency to attract people of all walks of life. Hence, here is the key- ‘The Videos’. Gone are the days when they were considered too high maintenance type or restricted to a category or two. Today videos have become totally the talk of the town as they can spread talks in the town easily.
Having said that it also necessary to understands what effect they leave on people!
Basically human brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than text so they tend leave a clearer impression in the minds of the viewers. They also help people to remember the thing or the data for a longer period of time. So if you express your ideas or may be what you do or what you have to offer through a video clip, you can without a doubt gather some accolades. Also it can persuade people easily. In short videos can convey a lot with ease.

Things to remember:
The first and foremost thing to remember is to go for a good technology. The video should have good video and audio effect so that you can record it conveniently and the viewer enjoys watching it too. The preferred formats for doing so are MPEG-4 or MP4.
Once you are certain about the technical and quality standards, make sure that you have a sound and well- practiced orator who has good communication skills. He or she should have an understanding of the topic and should be able to narrate the information in an interesting manner.
Another thing to look for is, good background; there should be absence of distracting elements in the background. A plain wall suits well or you can also keep on changing the same as per the flow of the content but overdoing it can kill the charm.
Recoding the video right, covers the major half but the remaining one includes editing. After recording the video, make sure that you cut it right. Editing a video requires an appropriate understanding of your audience so be well learned about it. Also while editing make sure you do not disturb the sequence of the flow of information.

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