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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

The current times are tough in all accords where marketing is definitely a tough nut to crack and people are giving their heart and soul to fix it right. One of the virtual legends here is the email marketing. They are the early forms of online communications but can be a virtuous tool for marketing too. Let’s get hand and glove with the funda of Email Marketing.

What is email marketing?
Email marketing is to send emails to existing or may be potential clients to convey a message about any update or launch with a two-dimensional agenda of informing them and marketing about the products or services or may be even offers.

Permission marketing comes into picture when we talk about email marketing. Every time we visit a website we often find a pop window that asks us if we are willing to stay updated about their products or services via emails.We punch yes then we complete the formalities and then they keep on sending us the emails and we can stay updated.

So getting more, “yes I would like to” (no pun intended) is a must here.

What is the importance of email marketing?
Email marketing has a tendency to bring to you the best return on investment (ROI) since it is cost effective and doesn’t cost much on individual ground, however it helps to increase the sales, hence it is worthy.

Emails as such have a larger reach. Highest virtual tool for communication used is email. So it helps you to pass on your word to many in one go.

It can also be helpful to increase the conversion rate.Getting people hooked on the loop of the emails you send can bring more traffic and if pitching is done right conversion rate can also augment.

The best part here is you can pass the message directly to your client without any window. Hence a personal touch is definitely attached, which brings the two ends nearer.

One another benefit of email marketing is developing relations. Basically your clients become your people to rely on and vice versa. Also the results here are quick so you can amend on an early note.

How to make them worthy?
Emails are open platforms and they stay forever hence managing the expectations of people is a must. In order to do so there are handy tools available, which are:

The newsletter:
The simplest way to understand newsletter is considering them, an e-leaflet. It is an article that has got precise information of a particular topic. Circulating newsletters at regular intervals is a must to stay in people’s memory but make sure that it is not an every dawn event. Also use web bugs to know how many of your clients have opened your newsletter. It helps to improvise.

As the name suggests, it’s a tool that answers a mail on its own depending upon the function it holds. It saves time and energy for you and also helps to provide quick response to your clients. There are two ways to get it done. First is getting it done through outsourcing which is kind of popular and the second one is getting a software in the system for the same but it requires good technical knowledge.

Why email marketing?
Emails are age old drivers now and they are present in all age groups so knowing and growing the audience can be done smoothly through them.

Apart from them the main factor that backs them is the speed. The speed counts in terms of feedback and conversion rate so if this game of emails is played well results are great and results are quick.

Last but not the least, it enhances credibility. Certainly there would be electronic mediums between two parties but overall a rapport on personal grounds is definitely developed that helps the companies to be in people’s good books.

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