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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

The current times are tough in all accords where marketing is definitely a tough nut to crack and people are giving their heart and soul to fix it right. One of the virtual legends here is the email marketing. They are the early forms of online communications but can be a virtuous tool for marketing too. Let’s get hand and glove with the funda of Email Marketing.

What is email marketing?
Email marketing is to send emails to existing or may be potential clients to convey a message about any update or launch with a two-dimensional agenda of informing them and marketing about the products or services or may be even offers.

Permission marketing comes into picture when we talk about email marketing. Every time we visit a website we often find a pop window that asks us if we are willing to stay updated about their products or services via emails.We punch yes then we complete the formalities and then they keep on sending us the emails and we can stay updated.

So getting more, “yes I would like to” (no pun intended) is a must here.

What is the importance of email marketing?
Email marketing has a tendency to bring to you the best return on investment (ROI) since it is cost effective and doesn’t cost much on individual ground, however it helps to increase the sales, hence it is worthy.

Emails as such have a larger reach. Highest virtual tool for communication used is email. So it helps you to pass on your word to many in one go.

It can also be helpful to increase the conversion rate.Getting people hooked on the loop of the emails you send can bring more traffic and if pitching is done right conversion rate can also augment.

The best part here is you can pass the message directly to your client without any window. Hence a personal touch is definitely attached, which brings the two ends nearer.

One another benefit of email marketing is developing relations. Basically your clients become your people to rely on and vice versa. Also the results here are quick so you can amend on an early note.

How to make them worthy?
Emails are open platforms and they stay forever hence managing the expectations of people is a must. In order to do so there are handy tools available, which are:

The newsletter:
The simplest way to understand newsletter is considering them, an e-leaflet. It is an article that has got precise information of a particular topic. Circulating newsletters at regular intervals is a must to stay in people’s memory but make sure that it is not an every dawn event. Also use web bugs to know how many of your clients have opened your newsletter. It helps to improvise.

As the name suggests, it’s a tool that answers a mail on its own depending upon the function it holds. It saves time and energy for you and also helps to provide quick response to your clients. There are two ways to get it done. First is getting it done through outsourcing which is kind of popular and the second one is getting a software in the system for the same but it requires good technical knowledge.

Why email marketing?
Emails are age old drivers now and they are present in all age groups so knowing and growing the audience can be done smoothly through them.

Apart from them the main factor that backs them is the speed. The speed counts in terms of feedback and conversion rate so if this game of emails is played well results are great and results are quick.

Last but not the least, it enhances credibility. Certainly there would be electronic mediums between two parties but overall a rapport on personal grounds is definitely developed that helps the companies to be in people’s good books.

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Just don’t publish it, shoot it.
Well a lot is being talked about how to make people get on your website and get them hooked. However many fall prey of typicality surrounding it and end writing or publish stuff that is not that lucrative. Definitely pictures help here but they have lesser tendency to attract people of all walks of life. Hence, here is the key- ‘The Videos’. Gone are the days when they were considered too high maintenance type or restricted to a category or two. Today videos have become totally the talk of the town as they can spread talks in the town easily.
Having said that it also necessary to understands what effect they leave on people!
Basically human brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than text so they tend leave a clearer impression in the minds of the viewers. They also help people to remember the thing or the data for a longer period of time. So if you express your ideas or may be what you do or what you have to offer through a video clip, you can without a doubt gather some accolades. Also it can persuade people easily. In short videos can convey a lot with ease.

Things to remember:
The first and foremost thing to remember is to go for a good technology. The video should have good video and audio effect so that you can record it conveniently and the viewer enjoys watching it too. The preferred formats for doing so are MPEG-4 or MP4.
Once you are certain about the technical and quality standards, make sure that you have a sound and well- practiced orator who has good communication skills. He or she should have an understanding of the topic and should be able to narrate the information in an interesting manner.
Another thing to look for is, good background; there should be absence of distracting elements in the background. A plain wall suits well or you can also keep on changing the same as per the flow of the content but overdoing it can kill the charm.
Recoding the video right, covers the major half but the remaining one includes editing. After recording the video, make sure that you cut it right. Editing a video requires an appropriate understanding of your audience so be well learned about it. Also while editing make sure you do not disturb the sequence of the flow of information.

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onlie present tipsTips to make your virtual presence felt

Tips to make your virtual presence felt

Tips to make your virtual presence felt:

The humongous world of web holds immense competition and to leave an impression you need to know your game. First of all if we are talking about marketing in the virtual layer, it is important to learn that it is no quantum science but it is like applied science. It has got some rules, principles and theories too and yes it open to experiments and pretty much explosions too. We all have our catalysts present in a form but not all know how to make the best of it. To open the floodgates for your business you need to bring predictability in. yes you read that right, predictability it is! Predicting which stuff would bring you traffic and success in larger scale matters a lot. However traffic is not the only thing that matters, there is more to it and here are some tips to get it right.

Interesting websites:

Well once you are there on the web, you got to make your own cobweb by making eye catching profiles and websites and again professional help would be a great medium to establish a firm front foot. But you have make sure that it doesn’t have much of the text or explanation, just the necessary stuff that can give your potential client an insight of the business. You can even have presentations or infographic content to present the data so that you can keep the crowd hooked. You can also have a separate section of FAQ’s so that you can address external queries. More importantly don’t forget to update it on timely basis.

Under promise and over deliver:

Well many, many a times, fail miserably due to inversing the formula, that’s exactly what is to be repaired as there is nothing worse than disappointing your clients. To correct the frame you need to have your “SWOT” analysis being done. S= strength, W= weakness, O= opportunities and t= threats. This will help you learn about your business more and you can even get rid of your threats and work on your weaknesses but the best part of it is you will not over promise and under deliver.

Know yourself and even your competitors:

It may sound goofy at first but is necessary to know where your contemporaries are going and how are they getting the traffic. You need not copy them or pull them down but to be in correspondence you have to learn about the SEM rush. You can also find out what words are used by them to get the web traffic and also learn about paid words which they would have booked that might work as a magnet.Basically you got to develop a technical bone if you are not born with a one.

Develop for a road map:

Well to get the conversion of visitors into clients, you need to get a roadmap ready for those who visit

your website. Instead of getting them engaged in the whole story together, break it for them. It is like dating first and then marrying. Let them know you, like you and then fall for you. You play your psychological cards by giving a personalized experience to each one of them. To nail that you can also ask some questions to them may be in the form of MCQ’s with limited options so that it is easy for them. By doing so you can learn about them and their requirements easily and even they would have a feeling that you are giving them a one on one attention (no pun intended). Certainly the whole idea is to make every click count.

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website-designingWhy it’s crucial for businesses to have a mobile responsive website ?

Why it’s crucial for businesses to have a mobile responsive website ?

There are more than 3 billion smart phone users around globe. So, we have large number of users who are going to see your websites on their smart phones or tablets.

Before the explosion of cellular devices with sophisticated web-browsing ability, web designers had only one major challenge to deal with – keeping the same look and feel of their websites in a variety of desktop computer browsers.

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Blog-post-2Communicate Through Technology

Communicate Through Technology

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